Optical laser height sensor, HF sensor / CHFA

Optical laser height sensor, HF sensor
  • Optical laser height sensor with working ranges of 100 … 900 mm (depending on version)
  • Working ranges: 100 … 350 mm (HF-250C), 125 … 625 mm (HF-500C), 150 … 900 mm (HF-750C)
  • For static and dynamic measurements
  • Signal outputs: analog, CAN and RS-232C
ApplicationsVehicle durability testing, Vehicle dynamics testing
Kistler laser height sensors of the HF series use the principle of optical triangulation. A visible red laser is focused onto the road surface. Reflected light is collimated onto a linear CCD array. The distance to the object is calculated from the position of the light spot on the CCD array. The output of the sensor is directly proportional to the measured height. HF sensors can be mounted together with a Correvit SFII-P at the same holder, thus enabeling simultaneous measurement of sideslip angle and vehicle ride height relative to spring travel. HF sensors are configured with the Kistler Software KiCenter via the serial port (RS-232C).
Data sheet
HF Sensors: optical laser height sensors