For effective vehicle NVH testing: Kistler offers accelerometers, customized force measurement as well as data acquisition and data analysis solutions.

Vehicle NVH testing solutions

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Automotive engineering is evolving at a speed never seen before, continously renewing the challenges in the world of noise, vibration and harshness - NVH. NVH covers all aspects related to the acoustic and vibrational performance of the vehicle and is becoming increasingly relevant, as changes in propulsion systems and vehicle architecture pose new engineering challenges. A good NVH performance of a powertrain or a vehicle does not only translate into durable, reliable and more efficient products. It also determines the driving quality perceived by the vehicle passengers. This in turn takes the name of comfort, driving pleasure and brand image, and it is the duty of NVH engineers to tailor how the mobility of the future will sound like.

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Measurement technologies are one of the enablers of the continous innovative transformation, through physical insights and technical understanding. Kistler stands by your side to  meet these challenges with a wide range of measurement solutions for vehicle and powertrain NVH testing, ensuring maximum accuracy, reliability and flexibility. From a wide range of accelerometers to customizable force sensors over transducers for tire NVH. Everything from a single source.

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Motor and e-powertrain NVH testing

Engine and powertrain NVH testing

Vehicle dynamics, durability and tire NVH testing

Structural vibration testing and modal analysis

Transfer Path Analysis (TPA)

Customized force measurement for vehicle NVH testing

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