KiTraffic Digital webinar
Jul 2, 2024

KiTraffic Digital: Revolutionizing Weigh In Motion technology

Gain exclusive insights from industry experts as they unveil the key benefits of KiTraffic Digital, world’s most advanced digital WIM platform.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Understanding the KiTraffic Digital in the Weigh In Motion landscape
  • The architecture of KiTraffic Digital and how it sets new standards in WIM technology
  • Features and unique advantages that differentiate KiTraffic Digital from other WIM systems
  • Gaining market insights and KiTraffic Digital 's real-world impact and success stories

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Christoph Klauser, Business Development Traffic Solutions

Christoph Klauser
Business Development Traffic Solutions

Ingrid Sagorz

Ingrid Sagorz
Product Manager