eso GmbH

What is eso GmbH?

eso GmbH was founded in 1977 as a family-owned company. On July 5, 2017, it became eso GmbH – A Kistler Group Company, part of the Kistler Group. With the acquisition of the world’s leading manufacturer of speed measurement equipment for traffic monitoring, focused on optical sensors and light barrier systems, Kistler expanded its existing portfolio of measurement technology solutions for improving road safety.

eso GmbH – A Kistler Group Company benefited from a global corporate structure and additional opportunities to tap new markets. In March 2021, eso GmbH fully merged with Kistler Instrumente GmbH. 

The original eso headquarters in Tettnang /Allgäu was retained by Kistler Instrumente GmbH as a center for excellence, sales and service for speed measurement equipment. However, the production site was moved to the German headquarters of Kistler Instrumente GmbH in Sindelfingen.

In March 2021, eso GmbH became Kistler Instrumente GmbH in Tettnang for the sale of speed measurement technology.
eso GmbH became Kistler Instrumente GmbH in March 2021. The site in Tettnang was retained as a center of excellence sales, and service for the sale of speed measurement technology for traffic monitoring.

For which applications is the speed measurement equipment from Kistler Instrumente (formerly eso GmbH) suitable?

Kistler offers customers a wide range of product components, system solutions and services for speed measurement in traffic monitoring:

  • Universal measurement solutions based on optical measurement technology for mobile and stationary speed monitoring, irrespective of vehicle class, speed, terrain, number of lanes, which are legally valid and admissible (single-side sensor ES 8.0)
  • Stationary protective covers that guarantee all the advantages of the mobile system
  • In-vehicle installations and transport case solutions 
  • Mobile evaluation system (data management software: esoDigitales3)
  • Annual maintenance, warranty package, repairs and training 

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