Efficient all-round testing thanks to the DTI-Logger – with up to 288 sensors

Winterthur, December 2018 – Kistler's DTI (Digital Transducer Interface) provides customers in the automotive sector with a single-cable solution that greatly simplifies vehicle dynamics and durability tests – a solution to meet future challenges. The DTI data logger now features substantially increased capacity and a network function for multiple devices.

Kistler is the first – and still the only – manufacturer on the market to partner with automobile manufacturers by offering efficient test setups that feature additional benefits such as automatic sensor detection. For OEMs with limited resources available for the necessary tests, DTI is an efficient way of speeding up processes without compromising on precision, safety and reliability.

Up to 96 sensors can be connected to Kistler's new DTI logger.
Up to 96 sensors can be connected to Kistler's new DTI logger.

A simple test setup that saves time and money

Kistler offers users the complete measuring chain – from the sensor technology and the DTI-Logger through to the user interface with KiCenter software. Typical applications include brake path measurement with straightforward ABS braking to DIN 70028. Users benefit from advantages such as:

  • fast, simple and clear wiring
  • automatic sensor detection thanks to TEDS
  • easy access to installed position, calibration values and physical parameters
  • step-by-step configuration with KiCenter PC software
  • interference-free and synchronized data transmission via DTI logger and Ethernet connection

Even for complex test setups, only one cable is needed to configure the sensors, transmit and synchronize the measurement data, and provide the power supply. The benefits: users work efficiently and save time so they can focus on their measurement tasks.

The full range of measuring tasks with just one setup

Comprehensive vehicle dynamics, durability and tire tests involve a series of physical parameters such as acceleration, braking pressure, strain, steering forces and moments, side-slip angle and temperature – the list could go on. Kistler has now substantially increased the capacity of its DTI bus system so that users of this measurement solution can conveniently acquire and analyze all these key variables. The new DTI-Logger features 8 DTI ports with 12 channels, so a total of 96 sensors can be connected per logger. But that's not all: thanks to the new SyncSwitch feature, three DTI-Loggers can now be connected to one network – meaning that connection capacity is increased to 288 sensors in all. Another benefit: all transducers connected to the DTI network are synchronized automatically.

With the updated DTI-Logger and extended network capability, Kistler offers its customers an integrated system for efficient test setups that include large numbers of different sensors – with the advantages of simple integration, configuration and commissioning. Meanwhile, we are already continuing our development work to make data acquisition even more flexible and convenient – the next generation of DTI-Loggers will offer yet more additional features.

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