Trainings: machining / 9966B28-KA-MAC

Stationary and rotating cutting dynamometers from Kistler enable high-precision machining and micro-machining applications.


Whether milling, drilling, turning, grinding or other machining processes - measurement technology helps in research and development as well as in production to increase efficiency and quality and to reduce costs. For tool monitoring in production, Kistler offers highly integrated systems for measurement and monitoring in the machining process. Measurement technology provides real-time insights that help improve the process, optimize tool life and control the process. With the trainings offered, the optimum can be achieved from the systems.
Main features / advantages
  • Measuring cutting Force
  • Machining Excellence
Remaining fit for the future in the machining industry requires detailed knowledge of the interdependencies in machining and use this to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In our seminars, you will learn how to use sensor systems to measure cutting forces and thereby increase the quality and efficiency of tool development, process design and analysis.