Software STASA QC Optimize, optimization of machine parameters for injection molding processes / 2820B

Benefits of Stasa QC are reduced cycle time and rejection rate, quality documentation and more.


This software optimizes the settings of an injection molding machine in order to achieve best results in quality, manufacturing time and process stability.
Main features / advantages
  • Reduced cycle time and rejection rate
  • Systematization of the set-up phase
  • Documentation of quality and setup process
  • Enhanced process knowledge
  • Process forecast capability
  • Optimization of process
  • New user interface and fail safe features

STASA QC Optimize was developed to optimize the machine's parameters for injection molding processes. The software automatically determines the relationship between the process parameters and quality characteristics through systematic design of experience (DoE) and analysis of the quality data. This results in optimum machine settings (holding pressure, cylinder temperature, etc.) that guarantee the required level of quality (dimensions, weight, flash formation, etc.) and achieve the most stable process (process capability forecast). In addition, alternative optima are determined using self-defined efficiency parameters. The effects of changing the process parameters can be simulated and followed directly on the display. The set?up process is automatically documented in a report. Both measurable (e.g. component measurements) and attributive quality characteristics (e.g. sink marks, flash formation) can be optimized. Innovative non-linear modeling processes are used to automatically distinguish linear processes from non-linear ones.

Data sheet
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Software application
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