Kistler provides various measurement technologies for combustion analysis in research and development.

Combustion measurement analysis technology

Precise and cost-effective solutions for research and development

Future generations of internal combustion engines will remain an important part of the power source mix for future mobility. To realize the necessary important developments, accurate in-cylinder measurement is essential to quantify, optimize and improve the combustion and air-path system for such advanced engines.

Our sensors and measuring chains provide essential data for the engine development process, helping development engineers make the right decisions. The high-performance measurement systems from Kistler also include the KiBox and SCP signal conditioning.

Creating the most efficient, lowest polluting transportation powertrains and realizing low-carbon mobility systems – we will help drive this mission

Kistler has more than 50 years of experience in working with customers and providing the most efficient sensors, systems and knowledge for engine combustion pressure analysis. In addition, we have the widest range of sensors and adaptors, to cover the whole engine development process.

Your competitive advantage

Our total solutions for in-cylinder measurements – utilizing state-of-the-art sensing technologies – will help you measure, quantify and optimize your future-oriented combustion systems. This, in combination with our expertise in engine in-cylinder measuring chains, means the path from sensor to answer is shorter and more efficient.

Integrated directly into the cylinder head, rugged pressure sensors from Kistler deliver stable measurements.
  • Highest-precision piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors, for any engine development application, right across the development cycle
  • Piezoresistive, absolute pressure sensors to measure gas exchange pressure with the highest accuracy – providing the essential data quality required for simulation validation, and other frontloaded development tasks
A measuring spark plug with integrated cylinder pressure sensor applied in a Harley-Davidson engine
  • Wide range of sensor designs to ensure the best possible installation, sensor and data quality for your measurement application
  • Local sales and support centres, globally located, ensure that there is always a helping hand from Kistler available to support you with challenging in-cylinder measurement installations and tasks
KiBox2 is a comprehensive analysis system for all types of powertrains, applicable in-vehicle and on the test bench.
  • Ready-to-measure and ready-to-use sensor and system solutions for engine combustion pressure measurement and analysis, simple to operate, easy to apply
  • PiezoSmart technology available in all our sensors to facilitate simpler sensor handling, avoiding setup errors and providing operational data for optimal sensor deployment

Our solutions

Benefit from the most efficient workflow, gain high-precision results and the greatest insight from your in-cylinder measurements – we support your engine and combustion development project providing the high-quality sensors, systems and support you need.

Sensor solutions

Measuring systems from Kistler enable combustion analysis and accurate cylinder pressure analysis on the test bench and in the vehicle.

Accurate measurements of cylinder pressure and crank angle as well as intake- and exhaust-gas pressure are crucial factors when developing combustion engines. Kistler offers a comprehensive portfolio of combustion analysis technology for a variety of applications.

Piezo-electric sensors with advanced crystal technology – advantages

  • Minimal change in temperature sensitivity – stable over the entire engine operating range
  • Low linearity deviation – accurate measurement data at all loads
  • Low thermal shock error – assured Indicated MEP accuracy under all operating conditions
  • Proven durability – without compromising the thermodynamic behavior

Piezo-resistive sensors – advantages

  • Wide range media compatibility – media separated designs for harsh measurement conditions
  • Low maintenance – with proven high durability in a diverse range of applications
  • Digitally compensated – reliable performance over a wide temperature range, high-accuracy measurements possible in harsh conditions
  • Complete mounting flexibility – compact designs, low mass, a wide range of form factors and designs


  • Piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors
  • Measuring spark plugs, glow plug adaptors
  • Piezoresistive sensors air path and fuel path

Measurement solutions

Combustion analysis with the Kistler mobile cylinder pressure indication system KiBox delivers real-time , parameters.

Today’s engineers need high-precision results from their measurements, as well as flexible processes and an efficient way of validating the large volumes of data from the test environment – either at engine test benches or from on-the-road testing. The Signal Conditioning Platform (SCP) centralizes signal-conditioning equipment configuration and optimizes usability for maximum flexibility. KiBox2 is a complete analysis solution: it delivers the essential calculated metrics on combustion quality and efficiency in real-time.

Signal conditioning systems (SCP) – advantages  

  • Flexible system with centralized control
  • Intuitive GUI for simple and quick data handling
  • Capable of real-time pressure monitoring – for early detection of unsafe operating conditions
  • Full support of PiezoSmart from Kistler – ensuring process reliability

Measurement systems (KiBox2) – advantages 

  • Easy engine development through versatile powertrain diagnostics
  • Optimised handling and usability – for efficient workflows
  • Advanced real-time performance – results and analysis, during the measurement
  • Prepared for New Energy Vehicles (NEV) – ready for current and future powertrains


  • Signal conditioning
  • Accessories
  • KiBox2

Motorsport solutions

Robust sensors from Kistler with high signal quality for onboard motorsport applications help boost engine performance.

In motorsports, race cars have to meet extremely demanding requirements that call for a vast array of onboard sensors for monitoring and control. All systems must be perfectly designed and integrated to provide sustained top performance during operation.


  • Cylinder pressure measurement for maximum engine performance
  • Real-time monitoring of systems
  • Robust sensors for long-term use
  • Optimal integration into the race car
  • Compact, rugged solutions for motorsport applications
  • Kistler – a reliable partner, understanding the needs of motorsport customers


  • Cylinder pressure sensors (for on-board and test bed)
  • Signal transfer and conditioning (on-board amplifier/integrated solutions)
  • Additional sensors solutions like piezoresistive transmitters

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