Cavity pressure

What is cavity pressure?

In injection molding, cavity pressure – the pressure in the interior of the injection mold, which is filled with liquified plastic – is a key indicator of the quality of the molded part that is produced. The cavity pressure profile enables specific observations to be made with respect to optimal process parameters throughout the entire process (that is, during the injection phase, the compression phase and the holding pressure phase). This, in turn, makes it possible to distinguish good parts from bad parts directly on the factory floor.

What is cavity pressure measurement used for?

Piezolectric cavity pressure sensors integrated directly into the mold allow for precise, highly dynamic measurement of the relevant pressure curves. Such continuous measurement during the production process forms the basis for a process monitoring system that enables efficient, sustainable optimization of injection molding through in-process monitoring. With ComoNeo, Kistler offers a sophisticated quality assurance system directly in the injection molding process.