KiTraffic Plus from Kistler is an automatic commercial vehicle enforcement system that relieves the pressure on police and other authorities.

Automated commercial vehicle enforcement

Successful and effective traffic checks depend on a variety of factors. An automatic commercial vehicle enforcement system based on Weigh In Motion helps the police and other agencies to preselect vehicles. Data needed for the checking procedure and downstream processing is available quickly and directly.

Weigh In Motion plus X: the modular traffic monitoring system makes commercial vehicle enforcement easier – with everything from one single source

More efficient vehicle selection and traffic monitoring

The KiTraffic Plus Weigh In Motion system from Kistler offers a complete solution for precise commercial vehicle enforcement.

Weigh In Motion automatically records weights and axle loads as well as many more optional parameters (such as dimensions and tire conditions) – leading to far higher success rates for traffic checks and less pressure on police and other authorities.

Reliable documentation of overloading and other violations

Software from Kistler for automated commercial vehicle enforcement supports users with data processing and transfer.

Traffic offenses can be addressed directly thanks to integrated license plate recognition (LPR) and adjustable limits. Kistler Checkpoint software displays the data in real time, and Kistler Studio ensures efficient downstream processing and forwarding to the relevant authorities.

Highly flexible – because the system can be adapted individually

Factors that can be recorded with a Weigh In Motion system.

KiTraffic Plus is a complete modular solution that can be embedded individually within existing police monitoring procedures as a commercial vehicle enforcement system. It can also be adapted to the existing infrastructure to protect roads, tunnels or bridges – ask us for details!

All in one: monitor weight, axle loads, speed, tire conditions and vehicle dimensions – make roads safer with commercial vehicle enforcement by KiTraffic Plus

  • Efficient preselection of dangerous vehicles
  • Open and adaptable system
  • High reliability in all weather conditions
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Configurable alarms for different violations
  • Versatile software packages
  • Comprehensive Kistler services

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