Vehicle crash testing and instrumentation

Crash test measurement systems from Kistler

Precision Means Safety

More than ever, steps to ensure safety – both active and passive – are key factors in road safety, so precise measurements of acceleration, moments and forces in accidents are essential. Kistler offers cutting-edge vehicle sensor technology and high-precision load cell walls (crash test walls), such as instrumented crash barriers according to the Small Overlap Test Protocol of the IIHS. Our measurement systems are flanked by individually adapted highly integrated data acquisition and comprehensive software. The result: simulations of real accidents can be prepared and carried out quickly and conveniently.

Advantages of Kistler's crash test measurement systems:

  • Pre-crash, crash and post-crash systems
  • Reliable high-resolution data acquisition
  • Sensor technology for high-dynamic measurements
  • Autonomous, integrated data acquisition
  • Instrumented crash barriers for frontal impact tests compliant with NHTSA, IIHS and EuroNCAP

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