Complete Weigh In Motion Services ensure outstanding performance

Our portfolio of Weigh In Motion (WIM) Services includes a comprehensive package of added-value services in order to achieve maximum performance for your Kistler Weigh In Motion (WIM) solution. Make use of several options to further enhance WIM usage and lifetime.

  • Get assistance to determine the best location for system installation 
  • Get estimations of the achievable system performance prior to installation
  • Achieve an extended WIM sensor lifetime due to selection of best road conditions

  • Train and certify your staff to execute high quality installations
  • Ensure an efficient and reliable installation for best possible WIM performance
  • Easily setup additional Weigh In Motion sites and systems, also independent of Kistler technicians

  • Calibrate and optimize your system to achieve the highest accuracy
  • Make sure that you meet the requirements for enabling a weight-based tolling and direct enforcement usage and certification
  • Further enhance your overall WIM performance with a unique optimization method only offered by Kistler

  • Extend your warranty period to secure your Weigh In Motion project
  • Provide security and long-term care-free operation of your WIM system
  • Make use of warranty extensions up to five years



Check out our video from Czech Republic on how certified engineers install the Kistler Lineas quartz sensors:

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