For 50 years Kistler has been a leading supplier of piezoelectric pressure sensors for demanding applications. In addition to piezoelectric sensors for highly dynamic applications, the product range is rounded off with extremely stable piezoresistive sensors for static measurements.


Main benefits for customers

  • Accurate pressure measurements under extreme ambient conditions (temperature range of -196 ... 350 °C).
  • Pressure range extending from a few mbar to several thousand bar
  • Highly dynamic as well as static measurements
  • Standard pressure sensors for general and optimized products for specific applications

Why Kistler?
Kistler has 50 years' experience in the design and manufacture of measuring chains for extreme requirements, particularly using piezoelectric technology. Kistler grows crystals and manufactures measuring elements in-house to ensure its piezoelectric sensors have superior properties that give them the edge. Another advantage is availability of the complete measuring system, including sensors, amplifiers, display and evaluation equipment, cables and accessories from a single source. And experienced experts stand ready to support the customer in complex measuring tasks.