100 % quality and zero-defect production are the prime objective in any injection molding facility. Sensors and systems from Kistler are the solution. These measure and analyze the cavity pressure during injection molding, monitor the process and divert rejects. Our systems control injection molding processes and balance hot runners on the basis of the cavity pressure – independently of machine manufacturer, mold type and peripheral equipment. They also document all relevant quality data.

Main benefits for customers

  • Zero-defect production during injection molding achieved through process and quality molding with the cavity pressure
  • 100 % quality, particularly in electrical and medical engineering, the automobile industry and precision applications
  • Reliable diversion of rejects
  • Process control and hot-runner balancing based on mold cavity pressure
  • Worldwide presence ensures support with application engineering

Why Kistler?
Kistler is the world's leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature sensors for use in the plastics processing industry. We offer the largest and widest selection of sensors for all injection molding techniques. Our connection technology is straightforward, our networkable systems intuitively easy to operate. As the sole manufacturer, we provide all molds for integrated monitoring of injection molding from a single source. Our worldwide presence ensures individual overall support with application engineering.

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